BlueKanGo helps put into place a quality procedure in your organisation. Covering diverse topics such as electronic document management to audit preparation, BlueKanGo is a fully fledged management solution, which will help you gain precious time for the quality conformity of your products and services

Enter the digital era with our specialised software, both user friendly and completely personnalisable.



  • Non Conformities and Complaints

    Digitalise to reduce the cost of non-quality


    How can you follow up on anomalies and complaints in real time and be sure of the updated information? Which is the best way to analyse and secure this data? These challenges occur everyday in your non conformity management procedure. Today, the best solution is to digitise this process in order to ensure the best treatment and reactivity.

    BlueKanGo helps you to improve the handling of non conformities, both internally and externally as well as cost analysis and action planning.




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  • Audits and surveys

    Save up to 50 % of your time during audits


    Improve your efficiency while auditing or controlling. Forget paper forms, Excel and multiple registrations. Create your audit forms and import them simply. Create single click reports. Ensure an optimum follow up thanks to the integrated action plan.

    Nothing to install or to download ! The application is accessible with any browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox …) on PC, smartphone, touch screen tablet.


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  • Self-assessment and certification

    Ensure your ISO, MASE, NF… certification.


    Get ready to apply for a label or certification, or set up an internal self-assessment procedure,in order to comply with a specific framework or a norm, and to get the certification given by the relevant certifying body

    Thanks to its experience, BlueKanGo brings you a solution that highlights this step of your quality approach…


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  • CMMS

    For an optimum follow-up and maintenance


    CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) is an essential asset for managing assignments in your company. BlueKanGo allows you to optimize follow-up and maintenance of your equipment and facilities thanks to a flexible and adaptable solution. 

    Follow, file, analyze, manage your stock and equipment, it’s easy with BlueKanGo CMMS…


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  • Wellbeing at work

    Make Productivity go with employee wellbeing.


    Everyone’s ultimate purpose is happiness. We work and we strive to be happy. Quality of Life at work is a part of the economical performance of the company. More than a simple individual measure, with more or less material advantages, Quality of Life at Work squeezes in organization and processes.

    Entrust BlueKanGo with your surveys, we guarantee confidentiality of your data…


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  • Risk Management (For Hospitals & clinics)

    Quality and risk management for hospitals ans clinics


    The daily management of a risk approach within a healthcare facility requires tools that combine:


    - Gathering of information from the field (Each employee has a granted access to the platform)
    - Follow-up actions in real time with the triggering of specific alerts
    - Dynamic process and risk mapping
    - Control and performance indicators


    BlueKanGo benefits from 15 years of experiences and expertise based on fruitful feedback from institutions that use BlueKanGo daily. Our platform is flexible and delivers different applications you can fully configure to adapt your specific needs.



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