Financial return on the use of BlueKanGo software


visu ad25santeFind out through the testimony of Alexandre Dupuy about the time and costs savings allowed by the use of our software. Alexandre Dupuy is one of the quality representatives of the 5 SANTE Group and has been using BlueKanGo since June 2014.


« BlueKanGo software has enabled us to prepare our certifications, improve our quality system, quality monitoring and quality and general communication with clinics. Regarding all the benefits of this software (flexibility, creation and customization), some services other than quality are interested in BlueKanGo as a work tool and tests are underway.


BlueKanGo software has saved us time on direct actions for certification (risk mapping, indicator monitoring...) but also on daily actions, freeing up time for preparing for certification (document monitoring, adverse event form, patient satisfaction surveys...).


Here are the apps and benefits more in detail


  • Certification is a control of daily work with some points specifically addressed for certification, mainly with the introduction of new practices. Here are some examples:

    Follow-up of Mandatory Elements of Investigation (MEI)
    MEIs constitute a number of proofs to be presented at the time of certification. A dedicated app on BlueKanGo (by setting up a BlueApp) made it possible to gather all the evidence in a single, easily accessible software tool. The process pilots were able to be autonomous and complete the evidence themselves, while sharing it with all pilots and staff, and allowing the Quality Representative to easily supervise the completion and monitoring of the MEIs. The app was used directly during the certification visit to present the MEIs (no duplicated work).

    Time and costs saved for certification:
    Pilots: 8 hours per pilot, 12 pilots, so 96 hours
    Quality reprensatives: 21 hours
    All staff (dissemination by BlueKanGo software, so no time saved as there were multiple meetings with 150 people): 150 hours 

    Risk mapping

    It is a central element for certification. It is linked to other apps, Adverse Event Reporting Form (AERF), Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)... And part of it must be sent before the visit. The tool made it easier to fill in and share information. The app could be presented as it was to the visiting experts.

    Time and costs saved over the year for certification:
    Pilots: 4 hours per pilot and 12 pilots, so 48 hours 
    Quality representative: 55 hours 


    Patient Satisfaction Surveys (PSS)


    PSSs are mandatory and monthly. BlueKanGo software allowed us to process them partly semi-automatically (simple data entry, reporting and automatic dissemination).

    Time and costs saved:
    Quality assistant: 8 hours per month, so 96 hours per year

    Adverse Event Reporting Form (AERF)

    A daily tool for reporting information from the field to the quality department, the AERF in BlueKanGo has made it easier to report, monitor and process. The software automatically outputs reports and statistics to be presented at meetings.

    Time and costs saved:
    Quality representative: 30 minutes per AERF and 280 AERFs, so 140 hours per year


    Global Action Plan

    Being a central tool for managing the quality approach and risk management, all staff of the institution involved in an action have access to it. It also greatly makes the work of the quality and risk management unit easier with its filters, alerts on PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) dates and real-time statistics.

    Time and costs saved:

    All Staff: 15 minutes per task and 250 tasks per year, so 63 hours per year Quality representative: 45 minutes per task and 250 tasks per year, so 188 hours per year


    Other applications used and being implemented
    currently unquantified


    • Set up and follow-up of audits: Apps dedicated to audits allowing to carry them out in the field using a tablet or smartphone and to know the results instantly.
    • Orders and management of staff meals
    • Feedback tool
    • Process monitoring


    Document Management


    BlueKanGo software has given us the opportunity to computerize our document database and ensure its automatic tracking and distribution.


    Time and costs saved:

    Quality assistant: 30 minutes per document and 100 documents per year, so 50 hours per year

    Quality representative: 1 hour per document and 100 documents per year, so 50 hours per year

Saving time and money with BlueKanGo

These time savings have mainly allowed us to free up time for other projects (100% computerisation of the patient file, entry into funding programmes, etc.). This estimate "only" concerns the large time and money saving items since the implementation of the software. This can be refined with other apps that also save time and/or in terms of tracking and delivery quality.


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