BlueKanGo, a pioneer of Saas in France
with its software.



BlueKanGo was born in 1998 and got into the position of a QHSE consulting firm.From 2003, BlueKanGo moved to the business of BPM (Business Process management) solution publisher on Saas (Software as a Service) mode.


Historically, we started in the health sector and nowadays, BlueKanGo is the sector’s leader with more than 41 % market share on host capacities of French health care facilities. BlueKanGo has spread to numerous sectors (agribusiness, industry, administrations…) and became the first company to deal with Integrated QHSE management on SaaS multitenant mode, in a matter of client number and turnover. Head office is located in France. BlueKanGo started its international development in 2012 by setting itself up in Africa (Senegal, Ivory Cost...) and recently in Canada.


A success thanks to our ability to welcome new users, our powerful software and its attractive price

BlueKanGo is based on more than 16 years of research and development and 10 millions euros of investment. It’s the most powerful tool of the market so far. The administrators and our consultants start from scratch. They can answer to all processes specifications independently of the number of users. That's why BlueKanGo is the only solution deployed in more over 3200 entreprises and administrations representing 1,3 million users.