The digital transformation of CITAL with BlueKanGo

The Algerian transport company CITAL (owned by Ferrovial, EMA and Alstom) uses BluekanGo to manage non-compliances, calibration of measuring devices and audits. Yazid TOUDJI, Quality System Manager and "architect" in charge of his company’s digital transformation tells us more about it. 


Digital transformation necessity awareness


CITAL sur BlueKanGo

We were aware that we had to digitize some of our activities to gain time in reliability, competitiveness but also to manage the expenses bills, the external interventions, non compliances, audits and more… But at first, we didn’t know from where to start.


The project seemed huge and complex. To develop home-made solutions is often out of budget even more in our current economic situation. We already thought about the costs associated to softwares which required experts to set it up… And no need to mention the updates with the risk of a total breakdown. We also feared to involve our own IT in case of an issue… We were already busy with the existing applications like our ERP or SIRH.


We had experienced already editors who downloaded their software in our system. Basically they were telling us that nothing could be done quickly because their softwares had several versions and were unreachable because of our internal servers being in a computing environment they didn’t master. We were resigned … But it didn’t last.



SaaS model, an affordable revolution for everybody



We discovered the Saas Cloud. The Software-as-a-Service model averts all these constraints. The launch was quick and the cost reduced. It's like Gmail! No need to invest into servers or technicians to handle it or to perform the updates. A revolution now available and reachable for all companies.


We observe a lot of strenghts coming with it! The onboarding takes a few days and that’s something that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional enterprise software. There is no labor and installation costs to take into account. The BlueKanGo SaaS applications are safer, more scalable and reliable than the regular managing softwares. It is user friendly, indeed now we use a SaaS application easily, we login, we customize it and it’s done! We don’t need to mobilize our IT départment and so we can stay focused on the company strategic projects.




BlueKanGo, a valuable partner 


BlueKanGo's team explained us that the SaaS model is based on a multi-tenant architecture. With this approach, we do not use our own copy of application's source code because it's shared with the other users. It’s easier for the editor and the reliability of the software. The application is flexible enough to be adapted to the needs of each client. It's like a giant office building; Everyone shares the infrastructure and services. We started to rent a flat in this building and do not regret it so far. At first only few employees occupied it to give it a try, and today we are all in it.


What is also amazing is that our applications are elastic, with no limitations of settings and number of users. The software updates take place every month without specific training for our users. The payment method for SaaS applications is also different. Everything is included in a defined monthly subscription and we pay only for the use which ultimately costs us much less than a traditional software.


The digitization of our company is crucial to guarantee its sustainability and its survival in a competitive and globalized economy. BlueKanGo has become essential.





Quality Manager 






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