Following a major reorganization of the quality - hse department, Sodexo chose an audit-dedicated solution. It revolutionized the audit team operations as well as the management of the executives. Let’s go back on the successful implementation of the BlueKanGo software




logo sodexoSodexo is dealing with a wide range of business activities from the food industry to the cleaning-ensuring operating in more than 4500 facilities. The head of Quality-HSE department decided to deploy the dedicated solution with all of the auditors in order to improve their efficiency.

As part of their new strategy, BlueKanGo software appeared to be the better fitting and strongest statement solution according to their multi-sites and multi skills concerns.


"The main objective was to enable the 9 auditors spending as much time on the field as possible while freeing them from administrative burdens. Before that they were using Excel document meaning a lot of constraints in terms of follow up and facing a lack of workflow.” Auditors have been fitted with tablets to use BlueKanGo applications. “We started with BlueKanGo in September and the solution was well received by auditors who quickly got the numerous benefits of the software"




BlueKango is used for 2 specific missions. First of all the “council appointment” of Sodexo. The auditor access directly to its spreadsheets specific to the needs directly on its tablets. "We have associated to each questions a regulatory references with the related Sodexo standards. A real daily tasks assistance for our auditors who now feel support in front of the audited entity"


Another asset of BlueKanGo solution, the possibility to generate reports at any time thanks to the BI (Business intelligence) and to associate pictures. "Pictures import is forceful. Reports have a strong visual identity, and are qualitative. Executives board strongly appreciate it"


The second purpose of BlueKanGo solution: accidents surveys resulting of a workplace incident. Set-up with a BlueKanGo consultant, the app respects entirely approaches recommended by prevention organization. "Here again, time saving is relevant. Auditors focus on their workplace health and safety missions. They can spend more time advising our technical staff on sites. More human relationships, less paperworks". The bet is a total success.


Moreover, BlueKango applications are even available without internet connection, “offline model”. A high expectations for auditors who don’t have internet connection during all their intervention.




Beyond the field objectives, BlueKanGo makes your QHSE management easier than ever. "From now on Executives and operational Managers have real time monitoring with the action plan"The workflow has been designed to spread information up and down throughout the company and alert people in charge according to the critical level and emergency. "Communication is crucial. Due to its configuration flexibility BlueKanGo is perfectly suiting our needs and complies with our iT system. The software is getting along with our logical. The reporting feature coupled with the dashboard is really valued up to the executive board"


After a successful run, QHSE service is on its way to spread BlueKanGo across different projects such as safety procedures and hygiene practices. Considering the software adaptation capacity and the ease of configuration of the applications, BlueKanGo is likely to help them reaching equally impressive results.



photo ronan

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 Customer Case of Ronan Le SAËC et Philippe LAURENT,

Project Manager in Safety and Security at workplace

Head of QHSE dept, Operational Service Platform – Sodexo France.



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