Trust in over 15 years of BlueKanGo’s experience and its network of expert consulting firms. The BlueKanGo software solution is deployed in many business sectors, from SMEs to multinationals.

Our consultants start from scratch and can meet all of your organisational specifications, independently of the number of users. That's why BlueKanGo is the only solution deployed in more over 3200 businesses and administrations representing more than 1,3 million active users.


  • Healthcare

    All best practices in Quality management, Risk and vigilance for hospitals and clinics


    The Required Organizational Practice (HSO Canada), The references and due priority practices (HAS France), Standardized and Reliable Measurement Tools (JCI USA) remain complex for hospitals which desire to engage in certification or agreement  process. Their goals are to control the data collection, spread of information, the treatment and the archiving system.


    BlueKanGo is the reference software in Europe which features all the best practices to manage Quality, Risk and health vigilance. Intended for hospitals and clinics in the public and private sectors, BlueKanGo is 100% web and customizable software. It helps you to manage your QHSE process, from gathering information to monitoring actions. The software optimizes and structures the workload Quality services and reduces incoming costs. 


    The certification application integrates a lot of international standards (ISO 9001,15189,17025,  HSO-Canada, HAS-France, JCI-USA, …). It structures the work and consolidates all pieces of evidence for the certification audit. 


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  • Social and medico-social

    Go further in the management of your residents


    Seeking quality is a shared goal of all actors or Social and Medico-social organizations, in order to guarantee the best care of patients and users, and supply them with a service of quality.

    In parallel, the Authorities decree an internal and an external assessment so that these organizations can get the renewal of the functioning authorizations.

    BlueKanGo software allows both to answer the regulatory obligations and to set up a real risk management.


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  • Industry

    Computorize your QHSE processes in order to improve your performance.


    Industry is a major player in land settlement, in productive system dynamic and ratios of power that build globalization. New sectors are appearing with green technologies, biotechnologies, new computer technologies …


    BlueKanGo software asset for industry is its ability to adapt to your company organization and to interface to your IT… From non compliance management to occupational hazard management, go further in your QHSE system …


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  • Agribusiness

    Ensure growth by mastery of quality risks.


    Subject to a strong competitive pressure, agribusiness companies have to bring to their clients the best products at the best prices. They have to respect complex and changing regulations. Master the quality of products, reduce and manage all potential risks become an absolute necessity and a priority that BlueKanGo has decided to make his own with BlueKanGo software.


    BlueKanGo replaces easily your office equipment and guarantees a data collection in the field and in real time, a better follow-up of actions, an increased surveillance thanks to alerts and steering measurements.


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  • Administrations

    Manage occupational hazards in your community.


    Communities are responsible for security of their workers. They have to set up policies of risk safety in order to protect their worker health and to improve their working conditions.

    BluKanGo has integrated to his software the best practice in a matter of Health, Security and Wellbeing at work. Take advantage of a totally customizable software that adapts to the specifications of your community.


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  • Construction industry

    Optimize follow-up of your construction sites.


    In construction industry, follow-up of a construction site demands strictness and smooth organization. Nowadays we suggest you to adopt a computerized professional solution to get over with paper, e-mail exchanges of files, confusion in location of reservations …


    BlueKanGo solution for Construction industry guarantees you an optimal tracking of your construction sites, from pre-acceptance of work to guarantee the perfect completion. BlueKanGo has also developed applications to follow-up your employees’ health and security issues on the field, as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to face authority demands concerning risk assessment. 



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  • Other sectors

    BlueKanGo software is compatible with the specifications of your business.


    Whatever is your business, BlueKanGo is able to adapt BMS software to your activity thanks to its network of patners and to its more than 10 year experience in computerizing QHSE processes.

    BlueKanGo has developed know-how in some precise fields.