How far have you got with the digitisation of your processes at CITAL?

Initially, we chose BlueKanGo to digitise the processes of our Quality and HSE department. They are now 100% digitised on all CITAL sites. In addition to QHSE, all CITAL departments have adopted this approach. Thanks to its ease of use and advanced customisation possibilities, the BlueKanGo platform meets our expectations. It greatly facilitates the management of a multi-site company like ours.

What are the application areas covered by BlueKanGo?

For example, we have digitised the “Engineering” part and in particular the feedback system, engineering requests, monitoring of ING files, monitoring of obsolescence, validation of technical derogations. The HR department uses BlueKanGo to manage expense reports, holidays and overtime. The Financial department uses it to follow up supplier payments. It is also used by the Purchasing department for the validation of purchasing requests and supplier management. The IT department uses it for equipment management and helpdesk tickets. Finally, the Maintenance department uses BlueKanGo to manage customer quotations and the Logistics department manages inter-site transport in particular. All departments are therefore concerned.

Were you rewarded for this approach in 2019?

CITAL has indeed participated in the Algerian Quality Award competition organised each year by the Ministry of Industry. The evaluators visited CITAL’s headquarters in Annaba. According to their feedback, the use of a solution such as BlueKanGo for the digitisation of our Quality Management System (QMS) made the difference compared to other participating companies. A great recognition!

Is the digitisation of your QMS an asset during the COVID-19 period?

Yes, during the lockdown period due to COVID-19 and the obligation to telecommute, the use of BlueKanGo saved us from a stalled or delayed activity situation. In fact, the purchasing or HR validation circuits were operational. We were able to perform electronic validations. In this context, BlueKanGo also proved to be a real facilitator for managers to manage their teams remotely thanks to collaborative work.

Another example, we successfully passed the ISO 9001 v.2015 certification follow-up audit remotely. The audit team and the managers were all working from home! This is how we did the two-day audit. All the evidence was provided to the auditors via screen sharing: EDM, KPI, internal audit results, actions, NCR (Non-Conformance Report), Management Review… In the audit report, the audit team leader mentioned “the possibility of telecommuting thanks to digitalisation” as a strong point.

Your relationship with the BlueKanGo teams?

As the administrator of the BlueKanGo solution at CITAL, I am supported by a dynamic hotline and support team. If I have any problems setting up the parameters, my open tickets are processed within a reasonable timeframe. In addition, we regularly benefit from software updates with new functionalities that we can use straight away to meet our needs.


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