Digital management of preventive measures against COVID-19

The current health crisis in our country requires employers to update their practices in light of the measures imposed by COVID-19. What are the risks that will have to be identified? How can these measures be applied? The answers explained in this interview.

What are the reasons that led you to equip your company with the BlueKanGo solution?

We have accumulated a lot of paperwork and documentation. As the Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance, I needed to find a way to make my work easier and simplify interdepartmental communication processes. Two years ago, we tried to use a similar mobile platform but it didn’t work for us. It had proven to be too complicated and hard to use. It was very different from BlueKanGo which is very «user friendly».

In which fields are you using the software?

Our first step with BlueKanGo was to digitize our audit form so that we could use it with a tablet or a cell phone. We also have a schedule that regularly alerts us of the audits to be performed. We also use the Action Form and the associated Global Action Plan in order to have a quick and clear follow-up and prioritization of non-compliance. We are planning on digitizing further processes in our company using BluekanGo

Why is BlueKanGo beneficial for your company?

The number one benefit is an evident time saving for all the operations I perform every day. Alerts are sent to us prior to an audit. No more need to go and get an excel spreadsheet or my agenda, BlueKanGo automatically alerts me before each audit by pre-filling my form depending on the type of audit. Finally, thanks to the workflows integrated to the audits, I can assign from my tablet the employees responsible for the corrective actions I am taking.

How did you use BlueKanGo to deal with the COVID-19?

Our main issue was to specifically ensure the safety of employees regarding the COVID-19 by following the government rules that were announced as the epidemic progressed, so we had to take preventive measures for employees. The challenge was not only to implement these measures (distancing, hand washing, etc.) but also to ensure their effectiveness. So I contacted the BlueKanGo Project Manager to express our needs and he took part in the development of our digitization.

Thanks to the flexibility and agility of the BlueKanGo software, we built together in a few days a digital “COVID-19” form that allowed us to check if the instructions were applied by the employees and if the collective protection measures were still in place within the company. I get notified by supervisors in real time using their tablet whenever they notice anomalies.

One of BlueKanGo’s strengths is also the ease of use of the software by the supervisors, who were specifically hired for this. It only took us a few minutes to install the application from the Google Store and thanks to the user-friendliness of the application, the training only took a few minutes and the 3 monitors were able to start their shift right away. Digitization has enabled us to be reactive to the epidemic and to apply the rules of prevention necessary for the good health of our employees.

Royal Greenland
Kevin dion

Kevin Dion

Quality Assurance and Compliance Director

About Royal Greenland

Royal Greenland, established in 1774, is a fishing company operating in Greenland, with its headquarters in Svenstrup, Denmark. The company has more than 2000 employees worldwide.

Our production site is located in Matane, Quebec.

The company operates about 50 seafood processing sites and their products can be found all over the world.

Royal Greenland

  • 1774

    year of creation

  • 2000

    employees worldwide

  • 50

    seafood processing sites

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