BlueKanGo fuels this ambition. Every facilitator, prevention specialist, HSE manager (and even your subcontractors and suppliers) has access to the software. BlueKanGo can be adapted for portable use in the field via a tablet / smartphone. It sends information in real time for a follow-up of the HSE activity including in multisite context.


Enter another era of an online, ergonomic, robust, easy to deploy and attractive software. Explore our HSE applications examples.


  • EHS toolbox talks

    Make your EHS toolbox talks a key point of your approach


    Do you regularly conduct HSE toolbox talks outside, or in an environment that is not compatible with documents presentation or note-taking? Make your life easier with BlueKanGo and focus on the real work of prevention sought in toolbox talks.


    Prepare your toolbox talks support and show it directly on tablet. Also take notes in real time with your mobile solution and voice dictation. No more crumpled papers or blown away by the wind. Now have access to clear and clean reports that are easy to broadcast by simply sending them from the application.


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  • Environmental impacts

    To reduce the company's impacts on the environment


    The ISO 14001 standard is a framework defining rules for integrating environmental concerns into the company's activities in order to control the impacts on the environment. It reconciles operating requirements with respect for the environment.

    BlueKanGo helps you in the ISO 14001 certification by offering you tools making the implementation and application of this standard easier ...

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  • HSE Rounds



    Performing an HSE round (or safety supervision tour, EHS checklist ...) is a must. It offers so many benefits: ensure the level of security, set up an ongoing security training or promote exchanges with the team leader. EHS is still too often using pencil and paper to achieve this mission.


    The application BlueKanGo accessible from a smartphone is adapted to the constraints of the field (dead zone for example). Back at your workstation, you access the monitoring table updated in real time. Identifying the points to be monitored and implementing the necessary actions becomes much easier.


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  • Prevention Plan and Security Protocols

    An optimal subcontractors management tool!


    Do you work with subcontractors? External providers? Carriers? So you are faced with the requirements of Articles R4511-1 and following of the Labor Code. You have to establish and enforce prevention plans or safety protocols to prevent risks from co-activity, to supervise and regulate them. To put an end to time-consuming and steadily lost or outdated paper forms and receipts that are difficult to retrieve from your various contacts, think BlueKanGo.


    Digitally centralize your prevention plans and their annexes for documents that are always updated, deposited directly on the platform by your external parties, with automatic watch and alerts!


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  • Risk Assessment document

    Make the Risk Assessment Document a pillar of your prevention policy


    The Risk Assessment Document lists the professional risks of the company. This regulatory obligation since 2001 (Articles R 4121-1 to R 4121-4 of the Labor Code) applies to all companies. It makes it possible to prove the risk assessment process and to propose appropriate prevention measures. It is finally the instrument for elaborating the health and safety policy of the company.


    The Risk Assessment Form application allows you to easily create and update the Risk Assessment Document. Entirely customizable, it makes it possible to identify, track and edit the conditions and action plans associated with the control of occupational risks.


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  • Training / Authorization / PPE

    Because safety requires preparation!


    Your staff must be trained, empowered and provided with the necessary equipment to carry out their missions. This requires a significant follow-up, difficult to ensure with simple office tools or papers.


    With BlueKanGo, follow each team’s or each employee’s needs in training, renewal of accreditation, renewal and periodic verification of PPE, etc. In addition to a clear monitoring table, you can schedule alerts sent directly to the relevant parties on the date you have scheduled.


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  • Work permit

    Work permit, it's time to go digital!


    If your business is facing enforcement, monitoring, verification or approval issues, then this application will quickly become a must. Leave your paper forms or tables ... behind and the loss of time associated with the manual processing of work permits.


    Choosing digital management will save you time, reduce your risk and ensure your compliance.



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