logo mppWhy the Private clinic group MédiPôle Partenaires
has chosen BlueKanGo risk mapping?


MédiPôle Partenaires is the third largest group of private clinics in France. The group currently has 60 health facilities. To optimize their risk management, this group chose BlueKanGo risk mapping solution.

"As a Quality, Satfety, Environnment and Risk manager in the French group headquarter, I use BlueKanGo risk mapping exclusively to exploit consolidated results from clinics in real time. Complex documents (risk mapping with multiple items, scores from multiple calculations) appear in the form of synoptic tables ("maping"), thus greatly facilitating its exploitation on a large scale.

BlueKanGo Software most important features are risk mapping more ergonomic than synthesized statistics. They are access to real-time data, more user-friendly in presentation, easily exported to Excel. The access to the filters makes it possible to seriate the particular data and thus to refine the analysis by establishment, by theme, by indicators ... The color codes serve to visualize very quickly the different degrees of criticality and to allow a rapid appropriation of our results. In a word BlueKanGo risk mapping is a valuable tool! "
photo joelle magnani dirqse midepolepartenaires
Director Risk Management and Sustainable Development
Private clinic group MédiPôle Partenaires.


Focus on Risk Mapping

Risk mapping is the most relevant tool for identifying, assessing and prioritizing risk management of an organization. It is the starting point for all other necessary actions for the reduction, control or transfer of risks. The graphical representation of risk mapping is the result of processes description, then associated risks identification and their evaluation.
BlueKango risk mapping identifies all risks, prioritizes them and gives to the risk management global overview of risks in real time. This view enables decision-makers to guide action strategies, monitor the effectiveness of implemented actions and communicate the results.


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