What are the reasons that led you to equip your company with a solution like BlueKanGo? 

Our initial need was to find a solution that would allow the company to facilitate and deepen the administrative and bureaucratic management of our Quality and OHS approach. Our objectives were clear: to standardize our processes in order to optimize our management, to turn our employees in the field into actors in this management and finally to centralize our data in order to have better control over them. 

In which areas do you use the software for? 

Today the BlueKanGo software is a cross-functional tool for the company as it is used: 

  • By floor staff in Production department for all preventive inspections of our machines
  • By the Foreman in Operations for quality audits and product non-conformity reports, 
  • By the Operations Manager for the edition of non-compliance reports, supplier evaluation and workstation risk analysis for the implementation of an OHS prevention plan.
  • By vendors as a communication and information tool.

How is BlueKanGo an advantage?

The BlueKanGo software gives us a better overview of our floor realities, allowing us to make decisions and take immediate actions and pass it on to all parties concerned. 

Having a common tool for all the teams makes all the employees aware of the challenges of our Quality approach, making them effective actors in it.  

In general, the BlueKanGo software is a tool that has allowed us to set up a common structure with more efficient automatic follow-up. 

This is a real asset for companies wanting to focus on Quality and OHS without spending a lot of resources and energy. 

What are the benefits of BlueKanGo software?

BlueKanGo is above all a time and performance saver because you can improve what you can measure. With real-time access to all the centralized data in a single tool, no more time-consuming manual searches of a file in a misidentified folder. Also, inspections done with the platform have immediate effects, clearing away miscommunication and duplication of procedures. 

Finally, the fact that we can set up and customize the BlueKanGo applications ourselves allows us to be completely autonomous and consistent with our field management.

What are your future projects?

We would like to continue the integration and training of the different departments of Altitube Steel in the use of the BlueKanGo software (e.g. Sales Department for the declaration of non-compliance).  

We will also keep customizing and evolving our BlueKanGo applications to ensure that they are as relevant as possible to our reality in the field.


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