BlueKanGo, one of the pioneers of SaaS software

In 2002, BlueKanGo started to develop BPM (Business Process Management) solutions in SaaS mode to facilitate the collection, access and processing of operational, Quality, EHS, CSR/ESG data.

BlueKanGo launched its activity and software development for the health industry and today, we are the world’s leaders in this industry with more than 2000 health care facilities that chose to implement our solution.

Since 2008, BlueKanGo extended its software development to reach other industries, such as food, heavy, construction industry and many other industries. Today, and thanks to the number of our customers and subscription turnover, we became the only Q&ESH, CSR and ESG Integrated Management solution in multi-tenant SaaS mode.

Our headquarters are located in France. BlueKanGo has extended its presence to an international level, Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast…), Asia (Singapore), Europe (Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy…), Central America (Mexico), and North America (Canada).

Our success is due to our ability to welcome new customers alongside powerful software and attractive subscription fees!

Our solution is the result of more than 18 million euros of investment in R&D and more than 20 years of experience and software development based on the requests and demands of our customers.

BlueKanGo develops its solution (tailor-made for our customers), supports its client with the deployment phase, trains them and provides the most adequate support for use. This direct relationship customer/developer guarantees the highest customer satisfaction rate and the most effective and efficient configuration in record time!

This makes BlueKanGo a unique software solution on the market, implemented in around 3500 companies and administrations with more than 1.3 million users.

BlueKanGo figures

BlueKanGo is a Joint-stock company with a Capital of 687 036 euros, held by:
its President and the board of Directors.
BlueKanGo is part of Bpifrance/Business France’s International Development and Bpifrance EXCELLECE program


Years of experience


Employees (90 at HQ in France)


Clients around the world

2 millions

Growth in 2022

Gender Equality Index 2023

BlueKanGo has calculated the gender equality index indicators
for the period January 1 to December 31, 2023.


Key figures Points
1) Pay gap 34
2) Difference in individual increase rates 35
3) Employees returning from maternity leave who received an increase 15
4) Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest earners 5

Board of Directors and the Steering committee:

Board of Directors

Steering committee



Benoit GLON

Actuary CMB

CEO Secure-IC, Poool President

Guillaume DESPAGNE

BlueKanGo’s Software Architect

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