SMS (Safety Management Systems), Quality and HR software for aviation companies and airports (national/international).

Safety, quality, and human resources management are daily activities that require high standards. The stakes are both human and financial, and their neglect can impact your company’s image.

BlueKanGo Canada supports companies with applications adapted to the daily needs of companies in the aeronautical industry. Take the digital turn by optimizing your current procedures. Save time by centralizing, pooling, and analyzing your data on a single tool for safety, quality, and human resources.

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Main features

  • Corrective action management

    Create, assign, and track tasks operationally using a global table. You'll be alerted in the event of missed deadlines or anomalies. This application improves your reactivity and helps you make decisions.

  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

    Manage your equipment in a single tool: stock management, equipment status, location, and preventive maintenance planning... You are alerted in the event of stock or utilization problems. This application is linked to your supplier directory. You can centralize documentation and provide your teams with training in equipment use.

  • Safety Program

    Risk management is essential in the aeronautical industry. The application enables you to assess and map risks. You can set alerts according to your indicators, and implement corrective and preventive actions. You can easily track and edit safety, incident, and injury reports.

  • Quality/Aviation system

    Conduct audits with ease, thanks to this application dedicated to aviation audits. Audit grids are pre-filled with data from other applications, and via API with your other tools (LDAP, HRIS, etc.). You can add annotations and photos to your field audit entries. You can easily and securely share the results of your audits with stakeholders.

  • Safety Audit Standards/ISAGO (IATA)

    Ground safety standards are important for reducing the risk of accidents and incidents. ISAGO (IALTA) standards are recognized worldwide for their safety requirements for ground operations. BlueKanGo can help you meet these standards (self-assessment).

Multi-plateforme BlueKanGo

21 years of experience in digitizing HSE and CSR quality processes

Numerous references in the aeronautics industry

Taking aeronautical digitization a step further 

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BlueKanGo’s strengths

Because preventive work is above all done in the field, BlueKanGo is accessible from a mobile application or directly in offline mode in your browser.


  • SaaS platform – No Coding required
  • Simple and intuitive ergonomics
  • Globally integrated action plan
  • Offline mode and mobile application
  • Application workshop and Store with templates
  • Customer Service by phone, chat, and ticket…

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