The BlueKanGo Software features the APAVE regulatory monitoring

Considering their complementary skills, BlueKanGo and APAVE just concluded a promising partnership. This cooperation answers a growing demand from BlueKanGo users to real-time updates of the brand new regulations concerning their sector being directly available on their platform.

The agreement aims to bring the regulatory monitoring from APAVE and its associated services directly inside of the BlueKanGo software dedicated to the strategic platform and Quality & EHS (Environmental, Health and Security)  management. The monitoring concerns the whole regulation regarding the technical risk management skills (people, goods and environment protection) and is continuously self-updating from the APAVE. the newsfeed is available in real time for all the BlueKanGo users.

Indeed, the BlueKanGo software, in SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service) can easily interface with different IT systems. For Jean-Marc BRIAND, CEO of BlueKanGo, “owing a reliable and reachable regulatory information at any moment directly inside the software is a requirement for Executives and EHS Managers but also for users. The synergy between our software and the APAVE services make our software a great asset to help with decision making and therefore it becomes a crucial tool for our 3.200 clients.”

This service supplies a document management system connected to the Global Action Plan. Since all BlueKanGo users have access to it, as of the regulation evolution is in place, managers in charge are alerted (there are all concerned by the QHSE management). The recipient saves the information from APAVE and can integrate it into the Global Action Plan but can also associated the information to current actions with possibilities afterward to reorientate the action in order to comply with the modification of regulation. This new service is already available and operational for all.

Concerning BlueKanGo

BlueKanGo is a software dedicated to the Strategic Performance and Quality & EHS Management. The solution is deployed in more than 3.200 companies and administrations and used by more than 1.3 million of daily users. It concerns particularly Quality – Health – Security – Environment (QHSE) and HR services. The company is settled in numerous sectors (health, medical, industrial, collectivity, …) in France and abroad. Users training is ensure by a 50 experts network on the field and with an E-Learning platform. Acknowledge since its beginning in 2002 as an encouraging company by the french public authority and since 2008, BlueKanGo is part of BPI France program.

BlueKanGo’s contact : Mr. Manuel Muller Tel. +33 (0) 2 23 20 20 80

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