Calculation method of savings achieved by BlueKanGo software for companies

Calculate savings your company could achieved from using BlueKanGo software

Method used and average result among our 3200 customers:

Annual savings of time and money for certification:

For 150 employees:
Pilots: 240 hours or 11,000 € *

Referent for EHS and Quality: 127 hours, or € 2,200 *
Staff: 250 hours or 3,000 € *
Total: 617 hours and 16,200 €

On an annual average: 4.10 hours and 108 € per employee

Annual saving of time and money for quality and risk management:
For 150 employees:
Referent for EHS and Quality: 713 hours or 12,100 € *
EHS and Quality secretary and staff: 348 hours or 4,200 € *
Total: 1060 hours and 16,300 €

On an annual average: 7.06 hours and 109 € per employee

Annual saving of time and money on overall management of certification, quality and risk:
For 150 employees, the gains are 1677 hours and 32,500 €

That is on an annual average: 11.16 hours and 217 € per employee

BlueKanGo software being sold: About 10 € per employee per year, it provides a net saving of 207 € per employee per year

* = scales used for the calculations are the average wages, all charges included

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