Why did you choose BlueKanGo?

Towards the end of 2018, after a review of the solutions available on the market, we selected BlueKanGo to run a 6-month pilot project on one of our companies (CFL terminals). What we like about the platform is that it offers a catalogue of QSE applications, an easy-to-use development environment both to customize the platform and also to develop our own applications. We also appreciated the support brought forth by the service provider.

The trial was successful and by September 2019, all of our companies had access to the applications that we are continually expanding.

In which areas do you use the software?

We use BlueKanGo mainly in 2 aspects. First, the EDM, where all the documents about the railway sector are made available to each of our different companies.

we also use the Action Plan App, which is centralised on the BlueKanGo platform and shared with all our companies.  It is fed by 3 types of applications developed internally. There are the “Control applications”, and “event/incident applications” whose objective is to identify and process any incident. And the third one is our reporting application, which allows us to record/archive our meeting reports and to directly create the actions decided during the meeting.

What are the benefits for users? 

It provides users with instant access to all documents relevant to their tasks, no matter where they are. So it’s very interesting for operators who are located in operational areas and can access the documentation, especially through mobile devices.

The other benefit is due to the automated workflow, data entered directly from the field is automatically transmitted to the person in charge of the area and to the concerned QSE team. All the data is always sent to the right persons with no questions asked. Once the matter has been processed and resolved by the recipient, the person who reported it is automatically informed of the status of the matter. All this process is made possible thanks to the automated workflow. It is a time-saving and simple way to get the right information immediately to the right person.

What are the benefits for the IT department?

On the IT side, BlueKanGo is a Software-as-a-Service solution, so we can control the use of our resources. We do not need to intervene in maintenance and updates. Costs are controlled because they are known in advance. There are no hidden costs. The simplicity of the software allows our internal customers to be autonomous and develop their own applications. The IT department is involved in the technical aspects, interfaces, IT security compliance and BI. The software contains a store with a large number of already-developed applications. These are available to be reused and adapted to our needs, which speeds up our projects.

The BlueKanGo team is attentive to our needs. They keep the software up to date, add new features, and help us deal with the issues we face. In summary, the SaaS model of the software, its ease of use and the support of the BlueKanGo team have given us a lot: time savings, visibility on costs, ease of use by our users and availability of the software.

What are your future projects? 

After 3 years of operation, we want to consolidate the many developments made by our QSE/IT working group. Our platform is continuously improving and evolving thanks to the feedback of our users.

We also want to use the data collected from a qualitative point of view by creating BI reports. We have done this for some of our applications. This allows the QSE team to position themself more as a trend analyst and a source of proposals than as a dedicated contact for the processing of an event/incident. In this way, the BlueKanGo platform helps to ensure that safety and production are no longer separated.

With the participation of:

Hervé PETER, Head of the QSE department
Romain CHARLET, QSE Coordinator
Pascal BANDNER, Deputy Head of IT Software Division Freight
Damien FLAUDER, Head of IT Division Freight Software – Deputy CIO CFL Group


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