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Subject to strong competitive pressure, the agri-food company must provide its customers with the best products at the best cost. It must comply with changing and complex regulations. Controlling the quality of its products, reducing and handling all potential risks is becoming an absolute necessity and a priority that BlueKanGo has set itself with their software.

BlueKanGo easily replaces your office tools and provides real-time information collection, better follow-up of actions, increased surveillance thanks to alert and monitoring systems. Put all the chances on your side to ensure the growth of your business.

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Main features

  • Management of non-conformities with automation of the action plan

    Simply declare a non-conformity (bad temperature, expiry date of consumption or optimal use-by-date exceeded, damaged packaging, product on the floor, unsatisfactory test result, presence of foreign bodies...). A system alerts in real time the concerned employees for information or action. Follow their evolution through the integrated action plan.

  • Scheduled and unscheduled audits

    Reduce the time of your audits by up to 50%. Perform your audits in the field on a tablet / smartphone even without an Internet connection. Annotate, take photos to automatically illustrate your reports. They will be sent automatically to recipients for further actions.

  • Preparation of your IFS, BRC, ISO certifications...

    Make your certification audits a highlight of your Quality approach. Prepare your certifications on the self-assessment tool. Identify gaps, correct them. BlueKanGo will be an asset during the audit with all the evidence available in the integrated document management.

  • Food Safety with digitalised HACCP PLAN

    The HACCP plan is a regulatory obligation that takes an enormous amount of time! A tool like BlueKanGo makes it simple in order to ensure that document management is more fluid, so that each actor has access to the latest version of the plan. Free yourself from administrative tasks to focus on the real issues of food safety.

  • COVID-19 follow-up

    For a complete follow-up of the situation: PPE stocks, COVID cases (anonymised), HR situations, opening/closing statuses. Consolidate data for a real-time and centralised view. Have a COVID document monitoring database with all the procedures and protocols up to date for all practitioners accessible in a mobility situation.

Multi-plateforme BlueKanGo

21 years of experience in the digitalisation of QHSE processes

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BlueKanGo’s strengths

Because each agri-food company has its own processes, BlueKanGo adapts to all your processes to make you gain in performance.


  • SaaS platform – No Coding required
  • Simple and intuitive ergonomics
  • Global integrated action plan
  • Offline mode and mobile application
  • Application workshop and Store with templates
  • Customer service by phone, chat and ticket…

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