Electronic Signatures available in BlueKanGo

Although the dematerialization of documents has become standard practice, signature is still too often manual. However, technologies and legislative provisions standardizing electronic signatures have made this key step in contractualization simple and, above all, legal.

What is an electronic signature?

The electronic signature is not the simple affixing of contact details at the end of an email or a handwritten signature that has been digitized. It is a process that guarantees the date of signature, that the content of the signed document has not been modified and that ensures that the right interlocutor signed the contract.

BlueKanGo enters into a business partnership with Universign

Following users requests, BlueKanGo chose to integrate Universign’s electronic signature system. This solution is famous for its SaaS platform for electronic signature services, electronic stamping and time stamping.

Thanks to this partnership, it is now possible (after subscribing to the service) to sign PDF files from BlueKanGo applications.

Usage scenarios and benefits for ESHQ domains

This service can be used in many situations: for prevention plans signed electronically by subcontractors, audits, electrical / vehicle driving authorizations, supplier evaluations, specifications…

The electronic signature can have many benefits. Starting with saving time and money because you are no longer required to rely on postal shipping. The service is also accessible for users who are travelling and therefore on a tablet, mobile for example. Finally, you can easily track the status of the signature collection.

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