What reasons led you to equip yourself with a digital solution like BlueKanGo? 

One of our main missions at GAC is to perform audits for the ISAGO program: IATA’s Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO), with ground handling service providers, so that they meet safety requirements. and quality, and to present a competitive advantage in the market.

Through our various audits carried out with airports, airlines, ground handling companies, and other service providers, we realized that they lacked a tool that was applicable to ground operations which documented and implemented the required processes for an SMS, a Quality System, and the required operational oversight requirements.

The objective was therefore to standardize, using a digital solution specifically tailored to the required processes to support a systemic approach to quality and safety of ground operations by the various stakeholders.

What is the solution created by GAC and BlueKanGo?

We have created a digital platform that centralizes several common and necessary management modules for ground operations providers:

  • SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Perform risk management and hazard analysis, employees Non punitive employee reporting, personnel health & safety injury, accident/reporting, safety incident, incident reporting and full investigations, root cause analysis with root cause analysis.
  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Quality program and audit checklists, Audit calendar and planning, Corrective Action Management and tracking, KPI’s for quality and Audit management (including Remote Auditing Solution), conduct of audits and inspections, raising findings and CAR management 
  • GSE MANAGEMENT: Allowing real time tracking of GSE serviceability and maintenance interval oversight. Dashboards and system alerts notification.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: Allowing the management of training, certifications and renewal deadlines for employees, employee personal details including medical files
  • BILLING: Allowing the centralization of the customer invoicing process tracking delivered services.

All stakeholders and stakeholders in these processes access the same information simultaneously, from their smartphone, tablet or computer. The data is recorded in real time and generates immediate reports facilitating strategic decision-making.

What are the benefits?

There are many advantages! The standardization of processes in a single tool allows better quality and better productivity, because the procedures are better used and understood.

But the main advantage in my opinion is the workflow system integrated into the platform, allowing all stakeholders to be informed in real time and to be able to act immediately depending on a situation or an action to be taken. 

Each stakeholder can follow the actions assigned to them, which promotes the accountability of all employees.

What are your upcoming projects?

Today the reduction of the carbon footprint in the aeronautical industry is a major challenge on a global scale, we wish to develop a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Management module with which companies will be able to evaluate their practices, define objectives, decide on priorities, develop an action plan and carry out follow-ups.


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