[Guide] All you need to know about EHSQ management (in the digital era)

Innovation has intensified in all sectors. Foodtech, Constructech, MedTech, TechForGood are formed impacting the strategic approach of companies. Digitization of Quality and EHS processes is now on the front line.

And this transformation is impacting the way EHSQ system is being managed.

Do you want to see things more clearly in the digital jungle? BlueKanGo combined their expertise and feedback on the matter in this very new guide.

This 26-page guide intended for Quality and EHS managers is a valuable help to understand these new challenges.

Among the topics discussed

  • EHSQ digitization sure, but what for?
  • What are the preconceived ideas?
  • How to prepare your management review in the digital era?
  • Prevention plan: how to tend towards “zero risk”?
  • ISO 14001: the benefit of digital technology for an EMS….
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