For better team collaboration within your group’s hotels

Streamline the feedback from your staff and the exchanges between each establishment’s professions (Housekeeping, Commissary, Maintenance…) thanks to the BlueKanGo platform, accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones. A global multi-site action plan and consolidated data are available for benchmarking within the group. BlueKanGo commits 100% of your employees and stakeholders to a continuous improvement process.

BlueKanGo relies on 21 years of experience in large hospital groups (2000 establishments) and in catering (Sodexo, Buffalo Grill, for example). The BlueKanGo solution adapts to your organisation (multi-sites, multi-entities, multi-activities, multi-standards), whether it is for a local or a global management of the organisation and performance.

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Main features

  • Management of housekeeping activities

    Checklist on smartphone/tablet for room maintenance (condition of the room, equipment needed, dedicated timing). Possibility to send an alert to the housekeeper to perform their checking activities and to notify the front desk that the room is available.

  • Commissary management

    Management of stock status and replenishments within the hotel via dedicated material inventory checklists, goods count, goods receipt checks with electronic signature.

  • Maintenance management

    Periodic control of safety equipment with subcontractors (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, elevator maintenance...), updates to workbooks directly via the application, access to the provisional schedule of maintenance to be carried out as well as various information (parts to be ordered, subcontractors management, etc...) before each intervention.

  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) controls

    Management of the Sanitary Control Plan (SCP), linen maintenance using the RABC method, Hygiene audits, Management of the Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document and the action plan...

Multi-plateforme BlueKanGo

19 years of experience in process digitisation

Fully customisable No-Code platform

Accessible on computer, tablet, smartphone

Hotline support and assistance by business experts

Going further in the digitalisation of the hospitality sector

The main strength of BlueKanGo

By interfacing with your business software such as PMS, by digitising all your paper-based processes, BlueKanGo is positioned at the heart of the digitalisation of your business.

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