The HSE, Quality & ESG/CSR reference software to improve the performance of your industrial company

Industrial companies must juggle between production efficiency, cost management, and innovation to meet the growing demands of consumers in terms of quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. BlueKanGo addresses these challenges through its dedicated applications and helps you make the right decisions.

Collect all your necessary HSE & quality data to act effectively and save time in your reporting, including in multi-site contexts.

Digitize your Integrated Management System (IMS), Quality (QMS), and Environment (EMS) and become an actor of digital transformation with complete autonomy.

Act on prevention, reduce incidents and improve worker safety. You will unexpectedly save some costs.

Comply with the ESG criteria of your industrial group and manage your CSR approach with transparency, internally and with all stakeholders.

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Main apps

  • Non-confromance and claim management

    Reduce your costs of non-quality. Automate the reporting of your non-conformities and improve the processing of your claims (customers, suppliers...). BlueKanGo is directly accessible to all stakeholders for simplified and effective management. You have an overall follow-up of actions and real-time statistical analysis.

  • Audit Management

    Increase efficiency in managing your audits with BlueKanGo and its app on a tablet or smartphone. Reduce by 50% the time spent on transcription and report writing. Facilitate note-taking with voice dictation, and enrich your audit reports with photos and annotations. No more errors in handling and endless file exchanges. Focus on your higher value-added activities while BlueKanGo takes care of the rest.

  • Suppliers' evaluation

    List and automate the indicators’ reporting on the quality service of your suppliers (compliance with deadlines, quality, and price of supplies, customer relations, responsible actions with CSR assessments (with our partner Ecovadis)). Be notified in case of deviation from your indicators and work more confidently with partners meeting your expectations.

  • Manufacturing checklist

    Optimize your manufacturing procedures with pre-configured checklists. You can identify areas for improvement and implement preventive and corrective actions accordingly. You can track progress and time spent on tasks and evaluate the speed and efficiency of the work. A continuous improvement approach that contributes to achieving the highest level of quality.

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Multi-plateforme BlueKanGo

21 years of experience

3500 clients worldwide

More than 100 apps on the MarketPlace

The HSE, Quality, and ESG/CSR software that is fully customizable and  adaptable to your processes.

BlueKanGo’s main features

  • SaaS Platform (Software-as-a-Service)
  • Secure, multilingual
  • Entirely customizable (No-Code)
  • API module interfacing with your IS
  • a MarketPlace with more than 100 apps
  • Workshop for apps creation
  • Global Action Plan, Workflows and alerts
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • OS & Android app
  • Support from industry experts

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