A first in Quebec: the Montreal Heart Institute digitises the support for orderlies

The Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) has embarked on the digitization of support for orderlies. A first in Quebec, BlueKanGo accompanies the institute in their approach. Geneviève Giroux, organisational development consultant at the MHI, explains the implementation process.

“The Digital Hospital, in collaboration with Organisational Development, the Staffing Department and the Assignment Office, are proud to be a pioneer in making the MHI the first hospital in Quebec to implement a completely digital solution for orderlies support. Goodbye paper and probation books

The evolution of the employee during the probationary period will now be done via the BlueKanGo digital platform. Easy to use! This new way of monitoring each stage of probation notably allows interactions between stakeholders. An innovative and dynamic solution that will make the probation process more efficient and interactive.”

Geneviève Giroux

organisational development consultant at the MHI

About the Montreal Heart Institute

The Montreal Heart Institute is the first hospital specialising in cardiology in Canada and one of the largest in the world. Its internationally recognised research centre is the first centre to be exclusively dedicated to cardiovascular diseases and remains to this day among the best in the world.


Montreal Heart Institute (MHI)

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