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Principle of cooperation

BlueKanGo is a SaaS editor, which offers a BPM platform to users all over the world. It wishes to enter partnership with companies that are able to extend its reach to clients worldwide

  • Partners can use the platform as a way to carry out its Company’s mission sold to the clients, using the no-code solution and therefore, saving time, resources and money.
  • Partners can promote subscriptions to BlueKanGo platform to his clients (See “Consulting” below). BlueKanGo uses a prefered tarif, that allows partners to charge  service to the user directly and remain competitive. The Tarif can be adapted to local conditions (BlueKanGo’s tarif is the minimum). 
  • The subscriptions are invoiced by BlueKanGo except for Reseller partners (see below). Any other service is directly invoiced by the Partner.
  • A Share of the subscription is paid to the partner on a quarterly basis by BlueKanGo

The role of BlueKanGo in this partnership is to :

  • guarantee access to the platform for the users
  • ensure support and maintenance of the system
  • follow billing and payments
  • answer development suggestions from the clients and partners
  • support development, at a level depending on the status achieved by the partner

The partner’s role will depend on the category he will choose to develop their business in and the level of commitment he is willing to take on.

Business categories

Partnerships can be in different categories. Partners can develop leads in each category, based on their strategy, opportunities and resources they can provide for each case. 

Business Lead

Partners can refer potential customers to BlueKanGo. This is called a business lead. They adopt an opportunistic approach, referring to an opportunity when it pops up. The lead needs to be qualified and confirmed.

Sales team from BlueKanGo will then take over and negotiate with the client, while informing the partner.

Role of the partner: Identification of the client and its needs

Role of BlueKanGo: Negotiation, configuration of the services, maintenance.


Partners can sell consulting services to customers. They implement, customize the  platform to meet the business requirements of the Customers. They can also offer a range of  business services: guidance, field expertise, to name a few.

Consulting Partners may also deliver outsourcing services from local or remote locations.

Lastly, these companies offer integration, sell and configure applications called BlueApps. They configure APIs to connect the platform with legacy applications like ERPs or Databases. They provide an end-to-end  solution to their customers.

Role of the partner: Identification of the client and its needs, negotiation, configuration of the services, after sales service 

Role of BlueKanGo: Sales support and technical support.


Technology cooperation is a mutually beneficial promotion of BlueKanGo and the partner’s offers. A technology partner is a consulting partner using BlueKanGo platform to promote its services to the visitors. This service is provided free of charge by BlueKanGo, once the nature and quality of the service has been checked.

In return, BlueKanGo asks that the service be provided using the platform.

Technology companies communicate on the BlueKanGo’s BlueApp Store called BlueMarket https://app-market.bluekango.com/en/ 

Role of the partner: Preparing the service offer and its presentation on the BlueMarket. Reply to inquiries sent by prospects and deliver the service through BlueKanGo’s platform. 

Role of BlueKanGo: To maintain visibility of the offer on the market and ensure technical support.


A reseller is a consulting or/and technology partner who wants to integrate the solution under their name and not use BlueKanGo as a brand.

Resellers would develop a complete set of services usingBlueKanGo’s platform at their core, where they operate and manage their dedicated instance of BlueKanGo’s platform and develop intellectual property. BlueKanGo would be an integral part of the solution provided by the reseller. BlueKanGo platform is delivered as a white label solution, which can be distributed under the partner’s or the client’s brand.

An independent ecosystem is created with its own hierarchy. The partner becomes the Master entity, distributing copyrighted Apps to the branches, clients, partners, etc.

Role of the partner: Managing all relationships with the clients, in terms of sales, set up and maintenance. 

Role of BlueKanGo: Sales support and technical support.

Partner Status

BlueKanGo has created an incentive program that encourages partners to reach higher targets and rewards them when these are met or exceeded.

There are three different statuses to the Incentive Program: Member, Silver and Gold. The status are granted on a quarterly basis and reviewed during meetings between BlueKanGo and the partner.

In order to reach a given status, the partner must fill-in two conditions:

  • A number of the partner’s employees have to be trained and certified by BlueKanGo.
  • A sales target, set between the partner and BlueKanGo.

The number of employees that need to be certified and the sales target will be detailed each year in the specific conditions signed between partners.

The support and advantages from partnering with BlueKanGo is given with each status in order to fairly reward success. They include

  • A higher share of the new subscription paid by its clients to BlueKanGo.
  • Additional sales support from BlueKanGo Marketing Department: Specific Webinars, publication of online content to boost sales…
  • Higher technical support, with dedicated staff from BlueKanGo dedicated to helping the partner’s clients.

These advantages will be detailed each year in the specific conditions discussed between partners.

Certification Programs

The certification program was designed by BlueKanGo in order for BlueKanGo’s partner employees to be properly trained and able to work for the majority of clients independently. It allows the certified operators to understand the clients needs and implement the solutions. It therefore allows the partner to be more pertinent, more reactive and more cost effective when dealing with his clients.

Training is carried out by BlueKanGo via videos and webinars. Several sessions are organized every month. The program can be adapted to the planning and needs of the partner. Each session is 3 hours long. The maximum number of attendees is 8.

The effectiveness of the training is confirmed through a quick individual certification exam that is carried out online.

The whole process is charged by BlueKango based on the status of the partner.

The content and duration of the training depends on the type of the partnership.

Business Provider

The certification program lasts two days. Attendees are trained and  certified through webinars and videos.

They will be trained on the possibilities of the platforms, its main characteristics and advantages over competitors and in-house solutions.


The certification program lasts five days. BlueKanGo’s project leaders will hold this  certification program for configurations and  deployment.

For four days, participants will be trained  on general administration, EDM, BlueApps,  and the BlueWall.

On the fifth day, participants will be trained  on functional support.


The certification  program lasts four days in addition to the five days of the consulting  program.

BlueKanGo’s Consultants will hold this certification program.

For the first three days, participants will be trained on import/export, APIs, Clusters,  technical specification, and the BlueStore.

On the fourth day, participants will be  trained on the marketplace and the associated marketing operations.


The certification program lasts one day in addition to the 9 days of the consulting program.

This certification can only be held if the  Partner has at least five certified people in  either Consulting or Technology categories.

This training will enable Partners to configure specific platforms to target specific  industries such as manufacturing or construction with specific BlueApps.

This training will also give access to the Early Adopter Pilot Program: The Early Adopter Pilot Program allows participants to become early adopters of new and emerging BlueKanGo products. It offers access to the early branch of the source code five weeks before it goes live in the standard branch.

Partner Code of Conduct and Partnership Governance

Occupational Health and Safety

Partners shall provide their employees with  a safe and healthy working environment to  prevent accidents and injuries occurring  while at work.

Labor Practices

BlueKanGo expects its Partners to operate  their business to create a work environment  where their employees and contractors  feel valued and respected for their contri-  butions. Partners should also adopt sound labor practices and treat their workers fairly, including providing wages for regular  and overtime work and benefits that meet or  exceed legal requirements.

They should not require workers to work  more than the maximum hours per day set  by local laws. They should not discriminate  in their employment practices based on  race, color, religion, sex, age, physical disability, national origin, creed, or any other  basis prohibited by law; and treating each  employee with dignity and respect. Part-  ners are expected to operate their business

to prevent any situation where workers are  subject to threats of violence, physical pun-  ishment, confinement, or other forms of  physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal  harassment or abuse.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights, including the  use of trademarks and copyright, are to be  respected; transfer of technology and know-  how is to be done in a manner that protects  intellectual property rights. Program par-  ticipants must read and comply with the  Partner Code of Conduct.

Compliance with Laws

Partner shall comply with all applicable  laws and regulations, including, without  limitation, trademark and copyright laws  and ICANN policies and procedures gov-  erning domain names (“Applicable Laws”)  and shall not engage in any deceptive, mis-  leading, illegal, or unethical marketing ac-  tivities, or activities that otherwise may be  detrimental to BlueKanGo, Customers, the  Services, or to the public.

Compliance with Laws

Partner shall comply with all applicable  laws and regulations, including, without  limitation, trademark and copyright laws  and ICANN policies and procedures gov-  erning domain names (“Applicable Laws”)  and shall not engage in any deceptive, mis-  leading, illegal, or unethical marketing ac-  tivities, or activities that otherwise may be  detrimental to BlueKanGo, Customers, the  Services, or to the public.

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