Quality and Risk Management in Health: a new guide available

BlueKanGo came up with a new guide on this topic. An essential support for reflecting on the digitization of health facilities.

Digital Transformation of Quality and Risks units is a real challenge for healthcare institutions! For sure, but why is that? And how to achieve it?

Indeed, in the current context of simplification that is emerging with the V2020 certification and research to improve the quality of care,the notion of digitization is taken to new heights. This is a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to focus on the core of their business and more broadly for institutions to further improve their quality and safety approach.

An 18-page guide for free download

Among the topics covered

  • Digitizing quality and risk management, sure but what for?
  • Follow-up of an adverse event (in the digital era)
  • The prevention of nosocomial infections
  • Prepare your certification/accreditation with digital: the JCI example
  • Risk Management: beyond analysis methods
  • Risk for infection: an exclusive collaborative platform between MHT and retirement home in France
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