Quality Management System in the Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector is being propelled by globalization and automation. To remain competitive, companies are evolving and embracing digital transformation. Our solution enables you to adapt your current organization (file integration and automation) and consolidate data to reduce errors and save time. A unified platform to manage production aspects, supply chain, supplier management, audit management, and more.

It supports you in Quality processes as well as in your HR initiatives to address the shortage of skilled labor.

All our services are designed to ensure the security of your data.

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Main features

  • Non-Conformance Management

    Easily report a non-conformance (such as incorrect temperature, expired shelf life, damaged packaging, product on the floor, unsatisfactory analysis results, presence of foreign objects, etc.). A real-time alert system notifies involved team members for information or action. Track their progress through the integrated action plan.

  • Supplier Evaluation

    List and automate the collection of indicators regarding your suppliers' quality (adherence to deadlines, quality and pricing of supplies, customer relationship, responsible actions with CSR assessments provided by EcoVadis). Receive alerts in case of deviations from your indicators and collaborate more confidently with partners meeting your expectations.

  • Manufacturing Checklist

    Enhance your manufacturing procedures with pre-configured checklists. Identify areas for improvement and easily implement preventive and corrective action plans. Monitor task progress and time allocation, allowing you to assess work speed and efficiency. A continuous improvement approach contributing to achieving the highest quality level.

  • HR / HSE Management

    Enhance retention and recruitment of skilled labor, a significant concern, particularly in Quebec's manufacturing sector. Ensure team stability by using an application that integrates worker support and training. Utilize tools to assess their satisfaction and communicate your results to attract qualified personnel.

21 years of experience in digital transformation of Quality and HSE processes.

Numerous references in the manufacturing sector worldwide.

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BlueKanGo’s strengths

Because every manufacturing company has its unique processes, BlueKanGo adjusts to your entire processes to enhance your performance. 

  • SaaS “No-Code” Platform
  • Simple and intuitive ergonomics
  • Integrated Global Action Plan
  • Offline mode and mobile application
  • Application workshop
  • Support via phone, chat, and ticket…

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