What led the GROUPE SOS to acquire a digital solution?

We had several tools to manage the Quality process. We had to harmonise practices and try to benchmark the information. This was impossible with the office or house tools used until then. The idea was therefore to acquire a single solution that above all facilitates the daily life of professionals in the field, to limit the number of tools and to digitise everything. Following an invitation to  tender, we selected the BlueKanGo solution at the end of 2018. What made the difference was the multi-site management of the tool and the possibility to configure our own applications.

What are the main covered areas?

At the beginning, we traditionally dealt with Quality areas such as document management, action plans, adverse events management, management of indicators, internal evaluations, audits… Later on, we extended our areas of competence. Due to its highly customisable nature, we quickly created other applications. As of now, the 2 challenges of the deployment are getting common tools that can be adapted to the needs of the establishments and obtaining an overall vision at the head office.

For example, we are working with the HR department on an application for consulting vacancies or another application for monitoring the electrical clearances of maintenance workers. We are also in the process of rethinking the investment circuit in connection with the group’s purchasing department, using BlueKanGo. BlueKanGo is thus proving to be a software for interaction with the various head office departments and not just a quality software. A project that leads us to work more transversally and to better understand the scope of each person’s actions.

As far as you are concerned, what are the benefits of the BlueKanGo solution?

The huge benefit: real-time information. Previously, we mainly worked with email feedback that we had to aggregate and synthesise. Today, we have a visual on undesirable events and the progress of the action plan. Everyone has easy access to information.

Another example: thanks to an application, when a new manager arrives, they have all the useful information they need, such as an identity card for their establishment. In addition to saving time, the information is reliable and up to date. The other strong point of BlueKanGo lies in the fact that we can set up our own parameters without having to call on the internal support services or via BlueKanGo.

Would you say that BlueKanGo makes things easier in the management of COVID?

At the outset of the health crisis that is affecting us, we saw BlueKanGo as a useful tool. We needed information, feedback from the field in real time. In addition to the distribution of information notes and updated protocols, BlueKanGo has also allowed us and still allows us to follow the local situation of each establishment. The number of possible or confirmed cases and the number of screening tests carried out are all valuable indicators. 

By regularly collecting stocks of equipment, we were able to distribute equipment by sector, pool equipment between establishments and react quickly in the event of supply tensions.Finally, to facilitate its publication by the managers, the DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan), a document longed-for by the Regional Health Agencies, has been integrated into BlueKanGo. This crisis has finally convinced the employees of the benefit of such a solution.


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