Why did you choose to equip your company with a digital tool?

We sought to bring more added value to our customers by providing an innovative complementary service. .

At DEKRA Industrial, we support our customers through the expertise of safety coordinators, project engineers, etc. They work directly at our customers’ sites to promote prevention and provide their safety expertise. One of their tasks is to detect and report non-observance of safety instructions on construction sites. To do this, they produce reports at various frequencies. Until now, they used Excel files transmitted by email. This generated a lot of sending emails back and forth.

To simplify their work, we had the idea of equipping them with a digital tool. The aim was to improve responsiveness and harmonize our practices. Hence the idea of OSH Box built with the BlueKanGo solution. Several major actors in the field of energy, aeronautics and infrastructures are already using the solution.

What does the OSH BOX consist of?

The OSH Box is a digital portal that gives access to a database shared by all those involved in a worksite. The idea is to alert quickly on safety issues. All stakeholders can connect to the same platform. They access the same information simultaneously. All observations are communicated much faster and the actions to be taken are applied immediately, which is a real advantage.

This box is accessible on tablet, mobile phone or computer. This allows to be reactive as soon as a security defect is noticed. You can also take pictures and share them on the platform. A very useful visual support material. OSH officers saves time by directly entering his observations. He thus spends more time helping companies in the field.

How was the implementation of BlueKanGo?

We started up in September 2018 as part of our mission to monitor regulatory compliance at the EDF Flamanville EPR site, where 5 engineers took over this mission. As an example, there were initially several hundred Excel files on this project. Today everything is managed with 3 applications: a real added value for our mission. Our client is very satisfied with what we have put in place.

With BlueKanGo, we have implemented other projects such as safety audits, reporting of dangerous situations or updating safety indicators. These applications are available in the OSH Box. We are also working on third party projects such as a dynamic CV database.

What are the benefits of the BlueKanGo solution?

The big strength of the solution is that everything is customizable. At my level, what I like is the portal. It’s very ergonomic compared to other solutions we have tested before. What also works very well is the Alert module as well as the Excel Import Export module.

A real benefit with BlueKanGo is also the assistance provided by their teams. The customer service is excellent. It is rare enough to be highlighted. We recently carried out a satisfaction survey among our employees using this tool in the field and their feedback was also very positive.


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