What are your main tasks at Florette?

At Florette France GMS, we are spread over 5 production sites plus a head office in Caluire (69). Since 2013, I have been the Purchasing Quality Manager, attached to the Quality Department. My main task is to manage all raw material suppliers and subcontracting suppliers.I am in charge of the elaboration of the specifications statement, the monitoring of non-conformities, the follow-up of control plans, audit schedule. In parallel, I am also the advisor for all of the IT systems of the Central Quality Department and the sites and thus the ERP, intranet and BlueKanGo software.

What made you choose to use BlueKanGo?

In 2013, Florette bought a company. We went from 3 to 5 production sites. We needed to align our practices and our number 1 priority was to track non-conformities. For 2 years, we managed to achieve it with classic office tools. It had become complex. The idea was then to find a solution common to all sites, controlled by the Quality Department and more fun and intuitive than a shared file. The decision was made to start with BlueKanGo in 2014, for an effective implementation on January 1st, 2015. A tool with real potential, well “designed” for the user.

What are the main benefits?

The ability to provide access to as many people as needed and to easily renew access to the platform is essential. Before BlueKanGo, we were still in a hyper centralized mode of operation with IT departments. Today, I am the system administrator.We have a lot more flexibility and autonomy. In addition, the accesses are nominative. This makes it possible to immediately identify the person concerned and to contact them directly. Being on remote sites, the advantage is to work directly on the same platform as the customer service which is handled by a service provider. For example, we no longer have to transcribe nonconformities into an Excel database. It is inevitably time saving, in terms of representativity of the results, consultations, reporting … it can only be better.


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