The initial project: EDM and action plan

They chose BlueKanGo software in 2015.The initial project involved 2 entities of the group: LACROIX Electronics and LACROIX City where I am currently working. The main reason why we chose an EHSQ solution was initially the lack of a document management tool, with manual management and the use of an office server as well as an issue with multiple action plans with a large number of Excel files.

Wide use of the solution

Within LACROIX City, the Traffic division was a pioneer under the leadership of its industrial director, Serge GARIZIO. They have implemented a significant number of software, among other things for Test and Measurement Equipment (TME) Management, power supply and action plan management, QRQC and also EDM.

As for Signage division, we actually started in 2018 with EDM. Implementation for employees is planned for September. We have product certifications such as NF/CE as well as ISO 9001 and 14001 systems. We are planning on implementing way more than just the EDM system. We plan to manage the certificates and applicable standards of our productsbut also other specific documents. For example, the Safety Data Sheets in the management of our chemicals. A wide use is what we going for.

Harmonizing practices

We work in project mode and in total collaboration on these 2 divisions. The idea is to “standardize”.BlueKanGo helps us align our practices. The strength of this solution lies in its “interdepartmental” and “inter-unit” ways to share information and to disseminate it widely. In the long run, nearly 400 users will be affected.

A far as I am concerned, BlueKanGo brings a lot of versatility and flexibility. It is a tool that can be pushed quite far.The BlueWall’s ergonomics are successful. We are getting good feedbacks from our users. Another advantage is that we are working independently without having to call on the IT department’s skills. We also aim to eventually implement BlueKanGo in the other 2 business units of LACROIX City.


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