A step-by-step deployment

Initially, BlueKanGo was presented at the end of 2017 to the Executive Committee of the Quality & EHS department.The solution was very well received. The committee used it to replace the obsolete and unsatisfactory document management platform.  

We initially deployed BlueKanGo within the Quality & EHS department for the day-to-day management of our Integrated Management System. This service was involving about a hundred people. The range of apps covers several types of inspections,including EHS inspections, standard compliance checks and internal audits.Registration is done on a virtual form, also available on a tablet, and these apps are linked to a centralized action plan. We also use EDM for the department’s internal files.

We became familiar with the tool thanks to the support of BlueKanGo teams and regular updates. The newsletter presenting the new products every month is also a valuable help in monitoring developments.

An Agile platform

The BlueKanGo platform allows you to be agile and responsive to internal demands. Being able to evolve and monitor evolution requests in real time is a very important point for us: We can configure the tool as we wish in order to adapt it as closely as possible to the needs of our users. We can customize it without extensive computer training needed.

The fact of having a portal rendering high-quality images is also very appreciable and a significant plus.

The tool has a strong potential for data exploitation. Statistics from BlueKanGo are regularly monitored: these KPIs are analyzed on a monthly basis and discussed in Executive Committee.

In view of the satisfaction we receive from the platform and the autonomy it gives us, we plan to open its use to a larger number of users as well as to other areas in the future.


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