[Testimonial] Pôle Saint Hélier "Leave office automation tools behind for a 100% use of BlueKanGo"

Pôle Saint Hélier is located in France in Rennes (35). It has a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center (PMRC) and an Accommodation Center for Dependent Elderly Persons (EHPAD).

When I arrived in December 2017, I resumed the good work we had already started on BlueKanGo. Document management and adverse event reporting forms were already implemented. We took advantage of the launching of BlueWall to redesign the reporting of adverse events and automate a number of workflows. Transitioning to BlueWall (the new BlueKanGo portal) was one of my first tasks. The ergonomics are very simple and intuitive. This major development was greatly appreciated.

Platform users can report an event at any time. They have fully embraced this new ergonomics. What I like about this new portal is that it is fully customizable. We truly can organize the information as we see fit.

What we are planning to do now is to move from office automation tools like Excel to a 100% use of BlueKanGo. We are currently working on that for action plans, indicators… We also intend to do so for audits. BlueKanGo’s customized training and support availability allow me to move fast forward in that direction. Our main goal is to avoid any double entries whatsoever and to improve the availability of all data for pilots. We are seriously considering exploiting all that BlueKanGo has to offer on mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, and in particular the offline mode. This should help us save time and provide comfort on a daily basis.


Quality Manager / RM

About Pôle Saint Hélier

The Pôle Saint Hélier is managed under associative status. It is located in the city center of Rennes, and has a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre (PMRC), an Accommodation Center for Dependent Elderly Persons (EHPAD), combining health and medico-social sectors in an attempt of empowering dependent persons. Being a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, Pôle Hélier is a health care institution that provides care for people with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. For several years, it has been developing care services as close to home environment as possible, so as to create an alternative to traditional hospitalization, with the creation of a Mobile Rehabilitation-Reinsertion Team (EM2R), the opening of an SSR Hopital care at home (long-term care and skilled nursing facilities at home or HAD-SSR in French) and the development of telemedicine with over 1000 procedures to date.

Saint Hélier residence welcomes elderly people for permanent and temporary stay. It consists of two main units:
– A “traditional” unit intended for people in a situation of physical dependence,
– A “protected” unit intended for people in a situation of psychological dependence (Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders).

Pôle Saint Hélier

  • 3000

    patients in 2018 (full hospitalization, day hospitalization)

  • 25

    spots in the nursery

  • 120

    Full hospitalization beds

  • 87

    EHPAD spots

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