The Hospital of Liège has a capacity of 920 beds splitted in 3 hospitalizations sites and 5 polyclinics. With its 5,000 employees, it’s the major employer of the region. The hospital of Liège has decided to start an accreditation procedure. This procedure aims to improve the quality of care and the reputation of the Hospital of Liege among all Belgian and Worldwide hospitals.

Choosing BlueKanGo

Ms Takeh, head of the Institutional Quality and Security Department, and also the JCI accreditation coordinator. She relates the Hospital experience with BlueKanGo. “In the context of the accreditation procedure, we were aware that software solutions will soon be necessary. More globally, it was crucial for the Hospital  to own an efficient tool to deal with the risks management and documentations issues. We quickly focused on BlueKanGo solutions which is a major reference on the market that provides all the security guarantee and it’s a full featured software on its own”, explain Ms Takeh.

Goal: JCI Accreditation

The university Hospital started to use BlueKanGo as part of self-evaluation in order to get the JCI accreditation (Joint Commission International) [NB: the JCI is the major worldwide accreditation player regarding to Care Quality and patients Security]. “We quickly sized the possibilities offered by the software and in particular the possibility to integrate our own normative reference.

The self evaluation application helps a lot”, adds the head of the department who appreciated the support of a trainer consultant from BlueKanGo : “The training on site went very well. The trainer was really competent. He hasn’t been only a trainer, but also a great advisor”.

Satisfied Customers

Nowadays the hospital use the software to management documents and risks. “We found the software very fast to use. Users are happy with it. Because it is 100% online, there is anything it download or installed, limiting the weight of work for our IT department. It is easy of use and the dashboard really friendly. The Software is entirely personalizable et can adapt itself to our needs”, adds Ms Takeh. 

The Hospital consider now to deploy the solution to several other sites. BlueKanGo team thanks Ms Masoumeh Takeh for her testimony and wish her a great success with the Hospital accreditation and all further projects incoming with BlueKanGo.


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