BlueKanGo is the fully customizable
no-code BPM platform

The demands on IT are increasing in companies. Your employees are aspiring to work as simply as they do with the applications or services they use on a daily basis.

So how can you meet increasingly complex business demands (custom applications, digitisation, web services, geolocation…) without disrupting your existing organisation and infrastructure?

As an IT department, you need to think global! To get through it, agility is a prerequisite and BlueKanGo is the no-code platform to achieve this! It’s time to run your projects independently.

The BlueKanGo BPM platform is the ideal solution for your IT strategy: fully customizable, interfaceable with your IS, in SaaS on a fully secured infrastructure. What are you waiting for?

5 No-code tools integrated into the BlueKanGo SaaS platform

The BlueKanGo platform integrates various no-code tools to respond autonomously to internal requests. Easily set up and deploy solutions accessible on all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) on a fully secured infrastructure.

  • App creation workshop
    Model and manage all the tasks of a process in complete autonomy

  • Electronic Document Management
    Store, archive, publish and even electronically sign your documents.

  • Statistics and reports
    An integrated Business Intelligence Tool to create attractive reports.

  • API Configurator
    API and import/export module to interface with your IS.

  • Design workshop
    For logigrams, mapping, designing your portal…

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