BlueKanGo Mobile Application : New Year’s resolution for 2020

As far as the BlueKanGo solution is concerned, your imagination is the limit! The proof: its mobile application accessible on Android (and soon on IOS) and its new document management access feature.

One of the major assets of BlueKanGois to generate a mobile version of an application created from your computer  allowing users to benefit from many advantages when travelling. To use this feature, there are 2 solutions available for you:

  • The “offline” mode in the Internet browser. 
    You can access the mobile version of the application from the Internet browser installed on the device (smartphone / tablet).
  • The Android mobile application
    This second solution is the most widespread. You can download the Android BlueKanGo application from Google Play* and access the automatically generated forms.

This last solution goes even further today. Indeed, your Document Management files are now accessible in mobility directly from the Android application. If there were already many benefits for data collection in the field, this new solution will make the daily life of operational staff way easier. Here is a reminder of the functionalities of the mobile application.

Simplified field data collection via the application

The mobile application makes field data reporting easier. Data collection can be done on a workstation or at the patient’s bedside. There are many uses: site safety visits, toolbox talks, field audit checklists, vehicle monitoring, prevention plans, non-conformities, etc. Data entry is simplified by pre-filling some fields or using voice dictation. It also allows to retrieve geolocation data and to enhance images reporting.

All this data allows to automatically generate a report or to launch corrective or preventive actions if necessary, for example.

New: Access to EDM documents for users who are travelling

The user has access work and safety protocols via their device…and more generally to all the documents (logigram, pdf, images…) of the EDM. According to their needs, they can download all or part of the files.

These will then be accessible at any time afterwards, even without an Internet connection. This feature once again opens the door to many valuable uses in the field.

With no less than 500 new users per month, the application is a real success. It’s your turn to make it a resolution for this year.

*The BlueKanGo mobile application will soon be available on iOS

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