[Guide 2019] The EHSQ system for the strategy of companies that make a difference

Differentiation in a market is a fundamental issue for companies. It is now essential to put your EHSQ system at the service of your strategy. To help you, BlueKanGo recently published a new guide on the subject.

We are often faced with a paradox. EHSQ management is generally not involved in strategic thinking, but is at the forefront if the strategy is failing.

Should EHSQ management intervene upstream? ?Can it help in the strategic differentiation of the company? And, how can the strategy affect QHSE management in the first place?

An essential 27-page guide to help you make a difference in your market. Among the topics covered:

  • The sometimes-dangerous relationship between the EHSQ strategy and process
  • The trap of the priority given to customer satisfaction by EHSQ management
  • How does a company EHSQ system protect it from competitors?
  • How is EHSQ management linked to steering strategy?
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