What are the reasons that led you to equip yourself with a solution like BlueKanGo? 

The main reason we chose BlueKanGo was to eliminate the administrative overload of paper documents and also to standardise our daily and event reports on our clients’ sites.  Subsequently, the COVID crisis changed our practices and reinforced our desire to develop the “contactless” approach with BlueKanGo for our daily activities. 

What areas do you use the software for?

We use the BlueKanGo software on our clients’ construction sites for all daily field tasks such as, welcoming workers, COVID questionnaires, complete management of event reports, management of daily reports such as problems encountered on site, management of non-conformities in relation to the Safety Code for Construction Works (SCCW), the Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety (ROHS) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). 

The platform is also used at different hierarchical levels allowing management to generate decision reports based on statistical data created by the software.  

How is BlueKanGo an advantage?

From the start of the project, our field needs were identified by the BlueKanGo team. The digital transformation was done in connection with our field tasks, so that the applications perfectly meet our needs. 

We have been involved throughout the digitisation of our forms and have received quality training, which is a considerable advantage for our autonomy because today, we take care of the configuration of our platform, the creation of new applications and the modifications of existing applications in order to meet our changing needs. 

This project is the meeting of our field expertise and the efficiency of the BlueKanGo platform. 

What are the benefits of BlueKanGo software?

Obviously, the fact that we can use the platform on our mobile phones, tablets, directly on the construction site and that the collected data is recorded in real time, is a tremendous time saver. 

But, the great innovation for us, was to be able to develop from our platform, daily “Contactless” procedures following the COVID crisis (welcoming workers, COVID questionnaire, etc…) on several sites at the same time. We actually use a QR code allowing users to go directly to the platform’s entry point in a simple and quick way, regardless of the site on which they are working.

We can say that we are the first and probably the only ones today, in the field of construction in Quebec, to use the “Contactless” approach for daily tasks.

What are your future projects?

Our future plans are to develop remote audits, machine safety from lockout procedures and to digitise decision support systems such as work plans, work methods and other procedures.


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