Aiming to become the leading EHS, Quality and CSR/ESG software in the 5 continents

Already a world leader in the healthcare industry, BlueKanGo is growing on an international scale. Our ambition: to expand our presence in the 5 continents in the largest groups and medium-sized enterprises. BlueKanGo is already well present in Europe (with its headquarters in France, Spain and Poland), Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast), North America (Canada), South America (Mexico), and Asia (Singapore).

We have a team of experts in each country

Our team will support you from the start with its strong expertise in EHS, Quality and CSR/ESG digitization and will help you locally in the deployment of our solution. You will benefit from optimal support until the success of your projects.


Your BlueKanGo contacts around the world


  • Spain

    Javier Bullón Caro

    Country Manager

  • Poland

    Dariusz Kowalski

    Country Manager

  • France

    Marc Lecourt

    Key Account Manager

  • France

    Tony Courtel

    Sales Manager

  • France

    Emilie Raude

    Key Account Manager – Head of the health and medico-social sector


  • Ivory Coast / Senegal

    Aimé Kouadjo

    Country Manager

North America

  • Canada

    Pedro Villagran

    Vice President and Partner

  • Canada

    Pablo Castro

    Account Manager

  • Canada

    Nawal Lasfar

    Account Executive

Latin America

  • Mexico

    Arthur Guez

    Country Manager / Mexico LATAM


  • Singapore

    EnviroSolutions & Consulting

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